Tu insaan hai ki insane?!

Sonam Kapoor for OPPO mobile phones 

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Anushka Sharma’s Filmograpy

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SKL2013CHALLENGE: funniest character
↳rahul mithaiwala

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A rare moment - Khushi staring longingly at Arnav

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"there are only two kinds of people in this world. 
good people who do good deedsand bad people who do bad.
that's the only difference in human beings." 
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NGL I feel especially proud that this was said by one of Kareena’s exes.

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rangdeeni13 asked Priyanka or Bipasha

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I going on holiday tomorrow for a fortnight or so. So I doubt I’ll be coming on tumblr very often (or at all), so i’m gonna take a while to get back to you guyssss!!

I’m putting some things on queue, not sure how long they’ll keep the blog running though…but I haven’t gone so isssoookkk I’ll spam your dashes when im back ;D

Have a great easter you guys!! enjoy!! <33

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catching up with RR 

woowwwwiieee paro is sucha dabangg though :O

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